The CII-ISWAI, Centre for Safe and Responsible Alcohol consumption CeS-RAC aims to accomplish a regime in India, which embodies the principles of food safety sciences and is positioned on risk-based food safety approaches for Alcoholic Beverages with the prime focus on consumer empowerment. We will achieve this by working with the concerned Food Business Operators and institutions associated in this sector through creating awareness on serving responsibly and science-based education, training with the help of a strong network of National and International experts.


Strengthen Science based
Management of
Food Safety and Quality
Support Science based Standards on food safety and quality related
matters and build frame works that are based on sound scientific
principles in partnership with international standard setting bodies
in this sector.
Bring in global
Best Practices
Bring in relevant best practices and guidance materials to sensitise
consumers and retail on the benefits of serving and consuming alcohol
responsibly through FAQs self-past training programs and others to Promote
Awareness, Fact and data - based management and Communication/ Alert
mechanism of risks to create a culture of science based food safety in India
Developing Guidance framework and training packages to create
awareness for FBOs on the benefits for serving responsibly which
would in turn empower consumers.
Build capacity on regulations and application of risk-based approaches for
food safety such as on spurious and counterfeiting with added focus on
serving responsibly
Prepare whitepapers/position papers on food safety and science-based risk assessments related to the sector
Promote latest and best practices in testing and analysis and data management.
Centre for Safe and Responsible Alcohol Consumption
Andhra Association Building, 4th Floor 24-25 Institutional Area Lodi Road, New Delhi-110003, India